Thursday, January 08, 2009

Some things you might not know about me.

I smoke... way to much.
I'm afraid of spiders.
I am the mother of 4 boys
I have diabetes and high blood pressure.
I work from home, in my pjs most of the time.
I love Dr. Phil. Oprah, not so much.
I am addicted to the internet.
I have a cat named Sophie.
I am a pessimist, my glass is always half empty.
I drink way too much coffee.
I have a mad passion for glazed doughnuts, too bad I cant eat them anymore.
Im not a pushover.
I value my friends and family very much.
I was spoiled as a child.
I hate my house.
I lost 25 pounds since may but im still fat.
I dont have any use for lazy people.
I had my first child when I was 17.
I met my current hubby online in a chat room.
My dream is to some day be able to visit England.
My children mean the world to me.
I am not afraid of dying.
I despise hot weather.
I dont like getting water in my face.
I have a heart murmer.
I lost my youngest son to a tragic accident in 2007
I still cry about it every day.
I am a very sensitive and kind hearted person.
I wish I hadnt had my tubes tied.
Honesty is very important to me.
I cant see to drive at night.
I drive a mini van.
I talk alot (really?)
I have a good sense of humor.
My favorite movie is Mask and not the Jim Carrey one
I hate the taste of beer.
I love to shop.
I love to sleep.
There are more but im bored with this already.
Did i mention I get bored very easily.


justme said...

hehe i knew a lot of these :)

Lazy Housewife said...

I hate the smell of beer. LOL so gross.


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