Thursday, January 08, 2009

All about me things you wanted to know and things you probably don't

Hi there, This is my first blog post, I've blogged before on myspace but never anywhere else so here goes. My name is Sheri, Im 43 and I live in Wesley Chapel Florida (thats near Tampa) with my wonderful (well most of them time) Hubby and my 13 year old son Janson. I actually am the mother of 4 boys, Joshua who is 26 and lives in Illinois, Jordan 21 aslo lives in Illinois, Janson the one I just mentioned who lives at home and Cayden who would be 5 yrs old, He passed away November 1st of 2007. I Will tell you all about that later. I have a kitty and fish too but there are too many of those to name so I just call them fish.

I work from home, and have done so for many years, its really nice to be able to get out of bed, stay in your pjs and go right to your computer to work. There are upsides to working and home and downsides as well but for the most part i love it. The company I work for is amazing and I can't imgaine ever wanting to do anything else.

For the most part, I think I am a likeable person, I do tend to be sarcastic and pessimistic alot of the time but I usually make friends easily and keep them for a good long time. I have some great online friends that I have met through my work. I couldnt ask for a better group of people. Alot of them have been here for me through my rought times and helped me tremendously. They know who they are. :) I am an honest person sometimes brutaly honest I guess, or so I have been told but i figure why lie, just get the truth out there. If someone asks me do I look fat, and I think they do, well what else can you say but yes. Not very nice I know, just the way I am. I don't let anyone walk over me, I learned that from my dad, I dont let the telemarkerters and sales people try to talk me into buying something I am not intersted in I have learned to shut them down very quickly and thank god for that. If I left all of that up to my hubby we would have shit loads of things we dont need. ( not that we dont have that now but they are things I wanted) I love the internet, (too much I think) I think it was the best invention since chocolate cake and I didnt think it got much better than that. Ive been online since 1998 and online is actually where I met my hubby, in febuary of 1999 in a chat room called American Singles. Ask me about it sometime I will tell you.

I was born and raised in Illinois, your typical midwest farm girl. My dad in fact, was and still is, a farmer and my mom, a stay at home mom, Both of my parents are wonderful and did a great job raising my brothers and I. I have 2 brothers both of whom are younger than me. My parents are still married they just celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary last month. I guess you could say I was spoiled as a child, Not to the point of being bratty or anything but we did get pretty much what we wanted. Not new cars or anything like that but if we went to the store and wanted a toy we usually got it. My parents provided for us well. (thanks mom and dad) My paretns were there for me through good and bad and supported me with everything I choose to do, even if they were bad choices, and did i ever make some of those.

6 yrs ago i moved and I love it here, I moved here to be with the love of my life. That was a very hard thing for me, being from a small town (population 525) I couldnt imagine moving to the city and ever liking it here. I took the big plunge anyway and 6 yrs ago in october he flew up to get me and we drove my car back down loaded down with kids and stuff. My oldest was 19 at the time and had a job there in illinois and his own place so he stayed there. Was so hard to leave him behind and my parents all my family and friends too but I was looking for a new life and I found it here. Still miss my family horribly and wish I could see them more but I love it here and this is where I belong.

In dec 2002 I found out I was pregant, Not something we had really planned, but not something we had tried to prevent either. We were both very happy about it, You see ,hubby had never had children when I met him nor had he ever been married so this would be a first for him. I had a very good pregnancy even though i was 37 which they told me was a little old to be having kids, (bah what do they know) no complications to speak of and the delivery went great. We had a 9lb2oz bouncing beautiful baby boy we called Cayden Daniel and what a joy he was. He was good right from the start, slept well didnt make much fuss very easy going child. He looked like daddy too and that made him proud. As he got older he became even more delightful, he was the adventurous sort loved to get into everything and know how things worked. Very smart too. When he was 3 yrs old he knew how to navigate his way around the computer and go to my favorites and choose to play his games. around age 3 is when he started liking superman a love in which daddy introduced to him and he was a fanatic. Loved everything superman couldnt get enough. Cayden loved and was loved by everyone, he never met a stranger he would talk to anyone. Tragedy stuck our family on Nov 1 2007. That day will live in my mind forever as it is permanatly etched there. We lost Cayden when a ball that someone was throwing at a pitchback net in the park struck him in the chest and stopped his heart. Our lives have changed forever but we are making it through with the love and support of each other family and all of our friends.

So that brings us to where we are today, life has changed for us no doubt, but we are still moving forward and trying to live life to the fullest. There you have it that is a little bit about me. Hope you enjoy


Lazy Housewife said...

Great post Sheri; I didn't know you met hubby online :-)

sherih34 said...

I did, It was a funny thing really. Will post about it sometime.

justme said...

hmm what wered you doing in those chat rooms ....hmmmmm?


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