Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow in Tampa, their kidding right?

No they arent! I just read on our local news site that we may have snow flurries here in Tampa tonight, It wont amount to much and will probably melt before it hits the ground but none the less it is a rare event. Hasnt snowed here since the late 70s i think and probably wont happen till the very early morning hours when it is the coldest. Im thinking it might be worth staying up to say, Then again Nah! Dont think I will. I grew up in Illinois and lived there for 36 yrs of my life so I think I have seen enough snow in my lifetime. I was however thinking, that people live here in florida because it is supposed to be a nice warm climate. Not for the past couple of weeks it hasnt been. I think I have had my heat on for a whole week and that dont happen to often around here. Someone must have forgotten that this is florida and sent the cold weather to us by mistake. Im ready for the 70s and 80s again and hope they will return sometime soon.
Bye for now
Kisses until next time...

1 comment:

justme said...

ah haha haha sorry
cant help it you floridians,
suck it up hehe its 30 here and we are all wallowing in the heat wave as last week it was windchills 20 below


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