Monday, January 12, 2009

Modern technology BAH

So, I get up yesterday morning to go to my computer to work, press the button to power it up, nothing happens. WTF I say to myself! It was just working last night. I try to unplug it and plug it in again at another outlet still nothing. WTF I say, this time even louder. I try to take the battery out and plug it in to start it that way. Still staring back at me is a black blank screen with nothing. No sounds nothing at all. By this time I am getting pissed. I frantically search for my cell phone to text someone at my work to tell them I cant make it. Finally find it, out in the garage, dead! OMG what a day this is going to be. Go to my sons room grab his cell and text a couple of people letting them know. Call Toshiba to ask them whats up, this computer isnt even a yr old yet and it is dying on me. They tell me it is the power cord probably and will be sending me another in 5-10 days. But wait... I dont have 5-10 days to wait. Run out to all the electronic stores I can think of to try to find a universal power cord to see if this is really the problem. Lo and behold, no one has one to fit my lapppy. Imgaine that! Come back home disappointed and upset and dig through all of our old computer, yes we keep them for some reason, I guess this is why. Find my old HP lappy but most of the keys are missing how am I supposed to use this. Keep digging and come across an old fossil, My Sony desktop that has to be 10 yrs old. It was one of my first. Pull it out set it up and it still works. get it going and online and it is slower than a snail. Ughh I shout, I guess it is better than nothing at all. By the time I get all my work stuff on it it is time for bed. I go to sleep dreaming about broken laptops and slow computers. not a very good night either. Get up in the morning for work sign in and know right from the start this too is going to be an adventurous day. when i try to go to the work site it is crawling so slow but this is what I have to work with I thought so I will make the best of it, Painfully waiting for the page to load every time. I lost connection a time or two was slow as hell but I made it through the first two hours. Now i 6 more scheduled later on it the day so we will see how that goes. Please everyone take pity on me and think good refreshing thoughts. We have another good desktop, or its supposed to be good as it isnt a yr old either but as luck would have it, the hard drive went out of it and it is at circuit city getting fixed. Fingers crossed that I will be finished today as they said it might. None the less I prefer my lappy as I hate being tied down to a desktop all day long. I am convinced the world hates me, just hope things get better soon.
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justme said...

That is crazy everything that could go wrong did


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